GENTEX 24V Evacuation Signal

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The Gentex GCC24-CR Commander 4 Series Selectable Ceiling Mount and Horn/Strobe 24VDC offers dependable visual and audible alarms with the lowest current. Adjustable candela levels for this ceiling mount strobe and horn strobe combination include 15, 30, 75, 95, 115, and 150. The GCC24-CR boasts a reverberant 81-86 dBA at 10 feet, super slide bracket for easy supervised testing, and the checkmate instant voltage verification system. This ceiling mount strobe, horn/strobe combination is 6″ by 2.6″ and has 12 to 18 AWG input terminals. It comes with a tamper proof reentrant grill. The horn is mutable while the strobe continues to flash.

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